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  EVENTS : All Events  
Date Time Speaker Topic Location Other Details
Nov 28, 2006 6:30-9:00PM All Members Network Game The Lincoln Building Coming
Oct 31, 2006 6:30-9:00PM All Members ADD 40% to your Bottom Line WITHOUT doing more work! The Lincoln Building Details
Sep 26, 2006 6:30-9:00PM TBD Social Hour Networking McFadden's Saloon Coming
Aug 27, 2006 TBD All Members Picnic TBD Coming
July 25, 2006 6:30-9:00PM All Members Network Game: Build Business Relationships The Lincoln Building Details
June 27, 2006 6:30-9:00PM Walt Sloan, Tillinger Consulting Managing Expectations: Yours and your clients The Lincoln Building Details
May 30, 2006 6:30-9:00PM All Members Nightmares: share your worst
nightmare of a project with names changed
to protect the guilty
McFadden's Saloon Details
April 25, 2006 6:30-9:00PM Henning Seip, SKILLProof Trends in the NYC IT Job Market The Lincoln Building Details
March 28, 2006 6:30-9:00PM All Members Annual Membership Meeting The Lincoln Building Details
February 28, 2006 6:30-9:00PM All Members Networking Happy Hour McFadden's Saloon Details
Jan 31, 2006 6:30-9:00PM Shelley Weiner *CANCELLED* Mac OS X *CANCELLED* The Lincoln Building Details
Nov 29, 2005 6:30-9:00PM Adrian Miller, Adrian Miller Sales Training Everything You Ever Needed to Know about Effective Business Networking The Lincoln Building Details
Oct 25, 2005 6:30-9:00PM Justin Preston How Microsoft Can Help Your Business The Lincoln Building Details
Sep 27, 2005 6:30-9:00PM Andrew Tiajoloff Software Patents & Copyrights The Lincoln Building Details
July 19, 2005 (Special Third Tuesday meeting) 6:00-9:00PM Michael Murphy, Microsoft SQL 2005 Technical Overview
Joint Meeting with NJ Chapter
Doubliner, 96 River Street, Hoboken, NJ Details
June 28, 2005 6:30-9:00PM   Tapping into 100 Plus Years of Entrepreneurial Experience The Lincoln Building Details
May 31, 2005 6:30-9:00PM Dan Schaefer, PhD, Peak Performance Strategies "It ain't about computers! What your competition is doing and not talking about." The Lincoln Building Details
Apr 26, 2005 6:30-9:00PM Break the Rules...and Close More Sales! Jeremy Rawitz, President, Sales Strategy Corp. The Lincoln Building Details
Mar 29, 2005 6:30-9:00PM Anna Marchisio, Vice President, Citibank What Your Banker Wants to Know The Lincoln Building Details
Feb 22, 2005 6:30-9:00PM Christopher Jones, Progressive Solutions, Inc. Roadmap to Success The Lincoln Building Details
Jan 25, 2005 6:30-9:00PM Brian Harp, President of Class IV Solutions Marketing priorities - Building a Brand with Current and Future Customers The Lincoln Building Details
Dec 28, 2004 6:30-9:00PM None Year End Wrap Up and Celebration The Lincoln Building Details
Nov 30, 2004 6:30-9:00PM Bill Harrison, Avanade, Inc.;
John Miranda, AXA Financial; Walt Sloan, Tillinger Consulting Corp;
Kirby Turner (moderator), White Peak Software Inc
Strategies for Working with Medium & Large Businesses The Lincoln Building Details
Oct 26, 2004 6:30-9:00PM John Follis, President/Creative Director of Follis Inc Getting Your Prospects Excited The Village Crown Details
Sept 28, 2004 6:30-9:00PM Liz Lynch, President, Consult Ad Hoc Inc. Secrets to Smarter Networking The Village Crown Details
July 27, 2004 6:30-9:00PM   NYC Metro Chapter Directions and Goals The Village Crown Details
June 29, 2004 6:30-9:00PM Moderated by: Walt Sloan, President, NYC Metro Chapter; Panel Member: Zione Walsh, Principle, Comp Networking How to survive Outsourcing? A round table discussion. The Village Crown Details
April 27, 2004 6:30-9:00PM Adrian Miller - President and Founder, Adrian Miller Direct Marketing Effective Business Prospecting in a Cluttered Business Environment: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly The Village Crown Details
March 30, 2004 6:30-9:00PM Michael Ringel - Chief Community Officer, LTBN Network CEO Roundtable - a mini mastermind group The Village Crown Details
February 24, 2004 6:30-9:00PM Helen Poon, Principal of PMZ Consulting & Walter Sloan, President of Tillinger Consulting Corp Managing Client Expectations - Closing The Gap The Village Crown Details
January 27, 2004 6:30-9:00PM Liz Lynch, President Consult Ad Hoc Inc. Secrets to Smarter Networking The Village Crown Details
November 25, 2003 6:30-9:00PM Chris Socha, Vice President TEMS Associates Inc. Solving the Puzzle of Closing MORE Sales! The Village Crown Details
October 28, 2003 6:30-9:00PM Alan S. Yoblon, Retired Marketing-Oriented Media Executive, Currently working with SCORE. Marketing: Getting The Word Out The Village Crown Details
September 30, 2003 6:30-9:00PM Raymond Phillips: Retired managing partner of a large regional CPA firm Business Planning: A Veterans Wisdom The Village Crown Details
August 26, 2003 6:30-9:00PM Fred Goldberg The Blackout - Where were you (and your clients) when the lights went out? The Village Crown Details
July 29, 2003 6:30-9:00PM Roundtable Discussion How To Survive and Thrive in the Next Six Months The Village Crown Details
June 24, 2003 6:30-9:00PM Roundtable Discussion The Best Business Practices For Consultants The Village Crown Details
May 27, 2003 6:30-9:00PM Walt Sloan, Software Entrepreneur & CEO, Tillinger Consulting Corp. Marketing Yourself & Your Business The Village Crown Details
April 29, 2003 6:30-9:00PM Walt Sloan,
Will Rico,
Dana Friedman
A Members Forum for getting more clients
The Village Crown Details
March 25, 2003 6:30-9:00PM Gary Glass, CPA, P.C. Business Taxes for All Computer Consultants! The Village Crown Details
Febuary 25, 2003 6:30-9:00PM Robert Weiner, Programming Plus Gigabit Ethernet The Village Crown Details
January 28, 2003 6:30-9:00PM Paul Gomes, Microsoft .NET Developer Introduction to .NET and the .NET Framework The Village Crown Details
November 25, 2002 6:30-9:30PM Josh Roth Financial Planning Pete's Tavern Details
October 28, 2002 6:30-9:30PM Dana Friedman, CEO of Dragonfly Technlogies Contact Management for Small Businesses Pete's Tavern Details
September 30, 2002 6:30-9:30 PM Nick Braak Working Virtually Pete's Tavern Details
August 26, 2002 6:30-9:30 PM   Software Discussion & Business Networking Pete's Tavern Costs
July 31, 2002 6:30-9:30 PM   Best of TechExpo; Desktop Software Roundtable Pete's Tavern Costs
June 24, 2002 6:30-9:30 PM Chris LaRose, President, Get-A-Geek Tech X (PC Expo) Preview Pete's Tavern Costs
March 25, 2002 6:30-9 PM Andy Coyle, Armadillo Services Disaster Prevention and Recovery Strategies Pete's Tavern Outline

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